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Benefits of Horse Chestnut Cream – Is It Applied To The Face? What Is Good For How? – Beauty Secrets and Natural Care Tips

Horse chestnuts, which fall on the roads, streets and green areas, reminiscent of a green snowball, are extremely poisonous but have a bitter taste. For this reason, you see that they are standing on the roadside in their own way, and that nobody has collected them. However, in recent times, it is among the panacea of ​​natural creams. All natural easy to use horse chestnut cream especially those who have pain complaints are investigated.

Years ago, Ankara of my childhood was filled with horse chestnuts. It was always found in the wallet of my deceased grandmother, in his bowl in his saloon and at the head end. I was diagnosed with joint rheumatism at an early age. I don’t know if he had the cream then, but we didn’t know. My milking was all horse chestnut. I know from that time that it was good for pain, especially rheumatism.

How to make the benefits of horse chestnut cream

You can collect the fruits that are easy to find and prepare the cream yourself, and you can also find ready-made products from transfers, the internet and some beauty markets. Camphor, rosemary, horse chestnut, arnica and other special essential oils are added to the ready products and you can see that they make a more comprehensive and beauty useful mixes. While menthol and camphor act as moisturizer, they have a pleasant and clean scent. Prices start at around 20 TL.

Horse Chestnut Cream, one of the alternative natural products that will support beauty and diseases, can help you with many internal and external problems. This cream, which is a natural pain reliever that is effective in blood circulation and inflammation problems, especially skin diseases, is suitable for regular use.

In our article you will find


It helps the treatment as a blood circulation regulator and pain reliever in the problem of varicose veins that arise due to standing for a long time, overweight, wrong shoe selection and wearing shoes with heels for a long time.

  • Prevents cracking of fine vessels
  • Prevents prostate enlargement
  • It is anti-wrinkle and preventive. It has a rejuvenating effect with this feature.
  • It is resistant to sagging breast.
  • Takes an auxiliary role in blood circulation problems
  • It is good for many skin diseases. It helps to relieve painful itching.
  • It has a relaxing effect on respiratory diseases.
  • Helps open vascular occlusion.
  • It nourishes the scalp. Because it regulates blood circulation, it provides healthier hair.
  • It is helpful in removing sun and skin spots.
  • It helps to relieve rheumatic pain and extinguish feverish pain of rheumatism.
  • It helps to relieve muscle pain.
  • Its effect on capillaries helps in the treatment of hemorrhoids.
  • It eliminates capillaries by closing enlarged pores.
  • It is suitable for use on your entire body for firmer skin.
  • It prevents the sagging of the food and neck area and they recover.
  • It reduces the risk of infection in open wounds.
  • It has a relaxing and nasal opening feature in cold and flu breathing.
  • It is good for menstrual pain.
  • Reduces pain in fractures and cracks
  • Relieves cough
  • Together with ice compress in sprains, it helps to relieve the pain of the sprained region.
  • It is good for back and neck pain.
  • It relieves pain in the problematic finger when nail sticking occurs.
  • Pain can be reduced by massaging headache and migraine pain.

Benefits of horse chestnut cream

İbrahim Saraçoğlu Explains the Benefits of Horse Chestnut as follows;

There may be inflammation in the arteries. Horse chestnut is one of the best remedies for this. It can also be used against problems such as asthma, shortness of breath. Although the inflammatory drying feature is one of the prominent features of horse chestnut, it can fight inflammation almost anywhere in the body. Horse chestnut piles It is still very effective in vascular problems such as and cracks in capillaries. If you have a lot of cough, you can also apply some horse chestnut cream to your chest and cut your cough when you keep that area warm.

Benefits of Ahmet Maranki Horse Chestnut

– It can minimize the problems such as cracks and wrinkles on our skin.

-It is an antioxidant depot and makes our body more resistant.

It has the feature of cutting cough.

It is one of the products that people living in hemorrhoids and varicose veins should use.

-It has a fever-reducing effect on the body.

Let’s learn the benefits of horse chestnut from Ender Saraç

First of all, we can say that horse chestnut especially in vascular problems; It overcomes problems such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, capillaries, which negatively affects human life and causes skin bruising as the discomfort progresses over time.

Veins also provide flexibility. It can still give successful results in venous insufficiency.

It is a cream that can overcome problems such as wrinkles and sagging that can occur in almost all of us. If you experience problems such as sagging and wrinkles, you can use horse chestnut cream. Especially in most skin care products, horse chestnut is used.

Preparing Horse Chestnut Cream at Home

How to make horse chestnut cream ? For those who are curious about the question; Before we prepare the horse chestnut cream, we should start by making oil at home. For this we should wait for the autumn season. The plants of the flowering tree in the summer are only mature and this time of the year leaves the branch. Collected seeds are grated after they are peeled and placed in a glass container. 1/3 of the container is filled with horse chestnut and olive oil is added to the remaining portion. It is kept in the sun for about 45 days. It is stirred every other day and mixed well. Then it is filtered and transferred to a glass bottle. To turn it into cream, you can create a mixture by adding some wax of horse chestnut oil to it. If you wish, you can enrich it with other natural oils and essences and also make it smell nice.

horse chestnut cream for home use

Horse Chestnut Usage and Answers to Curious Questions

Horse chestnut cream every night at bedtime your face, neck, varicose areas, cracks and you can massage it wherever you need it.

In rheumatism and muscle aches, usually pain complaints Since it is night, applying this cream by massaging at night will reduce the pain of the region and provide the person to relax.

Especially if there are fatigue swelling in your leg areaYou can also massage this area once a day with some horse chestnut cream and relax the area. Circulation regulator With its feature, the stress on your legs will disappear and you will see that the swelling decreases.

Those with complaints of pain in the joints and back areasBy using horse chestnut cream once a day, they will notice that their complaints are reduced.

People who do not have a chronic disease, who are uncomfortable with the upper respiratory tract, such as breathing and especially cough In case of complaints, applying this cream gently around the neck and chest will allow them to relax.

Especially those who suffer from neck and throat pain they can get help by applying the cream.

Chest and food sagging the use of the cream at certain intervals will make the skin there more youthful appearance.

People who have headachesthey can easily add in to be more effective; They will both relieve and relieve pain with the help of rosemary oil and menthol.

In painful and itchy skin diseasesIn order to prevent drying and provide regional comfort, it is sufficient to apply this cream to the region where there are complaints.

Experiencing hair lossPeople who are faced with unhealthy scalp problems can apply this cream by adding a drop of garlic oil, a little sesame oil, and massaging the scalp. They will notice that horse chestnut cream has an effect on the blood circulation, revitalizing the scalp and reducing hair loss. Garlic oil will also support new hair formation with its cell regenerating feature.

In playful areas such as sprains and injuries Applying some horse chestnut cream to the sprained or hurt area in cases where it may occur will not only help to relieve pain and pain, but also prevent swelling of that area.

You can also apply horse chestnut cream to your face, provided that it does not come in contact with your eyes.

  • Horse Chestnut Cream Price

Although horse chestnut cream prices vary depending on brand and weight, on average, it varies between 15 TL and 40 TL. Horse chestnut pharmacy price is almost the same as the market.

  • Is Horse Chestnut Cream Available In Pharmacies?

Yes, even though horse chestnuts are not available in every pharmacy, some pharmacies can sell.

  • Where is Horse Chestnut Cream Sold?

It is possible to find horse chestnut cream in many places. The main ones are; You can also get it from transfers, online sales sites and some pharmacies.

  • Will horse chestnut cream get my pimples?

He knows acne dry in regular use. Those who use have positive feedback.

  • Horse Chestnut Cream How Many Times A Day And How To Apply?

It will be more beneficial to apply twice to our skin, more precisely, to the area with the problem on our skin, to clean the area to be applied and to massage it.

  • Is Horse Chestnut Cream Good For Skin Rashes?

Yes, it can be good for skin rash problems.

  • Does Horse Chestnut Cream Pass Cellulite?

We can say that it is one of the best areas. But you need to choose a reliable product.

  • Can horse chestnut help hair?

Yes, it is very useful especially for people who have hair loss.

Things to consider when using horse chestnut cream

Damages of horse chestnutWe can explain it as follows. As with everything else, we recommend you to experiment with a small part of your skin while using this product.

  • Those who use drugs, pomade, cream or gel for treatment of skin diseases are not recommended to apply this cream.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should definitely consult a physician’s opinion before using.
  • It is not recommended to use in people with known chronic diseases without consulting a doctor.
  • Even though it is a cream with natural ingredients, it may cause undesirable effects of active ingredients in the skin. Therefore, excessive use should be avoided.
  • The skin of babies and children is a matter of considerable attention both in terms of texture and sensitivity. Therefore, it is not recommended for use especially in children under 12 years of age.
  • Certainty should not be taken with the drugs we use to thin the blood.
  • There may be side effects such as nausea and itching.
  • We need to avoid excessive use.

When you notice any reaction on your skin, you should stop using the cream and get an opinion from a specialist when itching and rash occurs.

Because the fruit is poisonous, it can be eaten raw or boiled and drinking water. For this reason, apply on the skin as oil, cream and gel. Under no circumstances should you swallow horse chestnut cream and store it with foodstuffs.

What Do Those Who Use Horse Chestnut Cream Say?

-My mother was using it for rheumatic pain. Contains excessive menthol smell. It’s officially breathtaking.

-My mother uses it for leg and knee pain. In other words, he says it relieves pain a lot.

– I had a lot of pain in the lumbar region due to hernia and I used many creams, but this cream relieves my pain more than others.

-It is a product that I personally tried to use as a decompressant. It can provide you with a lot of oxygen oksijen

-The friends really have an effect as said in the skin problems, but wants a regular use.

– They recommended horse chestnut for problems such as cellulite. I used it for a while but I couldn’t see much effect.


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