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How is Lip Filling Made? Lip Filling Prices

One of the most striking places on the face is the lip. Lip plays an important role in facial aesthetics. The lip is the primary symbol of youth, glamor and beautiful appearance. Thin, unobtrusive straight lips make the person look older, irritable and unhappy. However, full, lively and curved lips make the person look more dynamic, beautiful and happy.

Moisture and water retention capacity of the skin decreases with the decrease of acid, which forms the tight appearance of the skin, which develops in direct proportion to aging. This tight appearance is tried to be achieved with the acid injected into the skin. Lip filler It has been a very simple and fast process and can be applied immediately even in limited time. At the same time, daily life can be continued immediately after application.

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Where And What Is Lip Filler Used For?

Lip filling is generally preferred by aging. However, since the importance of aesthetics is increasing today, people can apply fillings to every region they are not satisfied with. People with thin lips are more preferred due to people who are not satisfied with their lips and wrinkles proportional to aging.

Who Is Lip Filling Made To?

The fullness of the lip and the prominent lip line may not only be proportional to old age. Of course, as age progresses, fullness may decrease and wrinkles may increase. However, young people may need filling in terms of appearance and charm. When the lip line becomes silent and the lips lose volume and anyone who wants to correct this look can be treated. Since it is a very short and painless procedure, anyone who has an application immediately returns to their daily life.

How is Lip Filler Applied?

Regardless of which lip shape is made, lip filler is applied by injecting acid called hyaluronic acid in the body. There are no side effects or a known allergic reaction. Temporary fillings are preferred more today than permanent fillings and the process is completed in a short time of maximum 20 minutes.

However, it should be known that if there is wrinkle on the lip, just filling the lip is not sufficient and efficient. Botox is also required for wrinkles. Temporary filling can vary between 12 and 15 months and can be kept on the lip. Of course, this period differs from person to person.

Types of Lip Fillers

There are also different types of lip fillers. Women can find the opportunity to obtain a more aesthetic appearance by deciding to fill in any way they want. These lip fillers are;

Venus Lip Shape

Venus lip shape is the lip shape that has been accepted as the ideal lip appearance from the past to the present. It is known as the most compatible lip according to the proportions. The lip shapes calculated as the golden ratio are calculated to be compatible with the width of the mouth. In other words, if the short lip and upper lip are proportional to each other, the ratio calculations are made in the middle of the upper lip line with the curved sides downwards and the lower lip curved on the top.

One of the most preferred lip shapes is the Venus lip. Due to its folds, the lip that is most compatible with the golden ratio calculations gives a more attractive look than the Venus lip.

how to make a lip filling

Aphrodite Lip

Aphrodite lip is a form of lip that is universally announced. Aphrodite lip, which has become the symbol of lively and plump lips, adds a sense of extreme attraction. When everybody thinks of beautiful lips, plump, thick and lively lips come to mind. According to Aphrodite lip shape, the proportions and thickness of the upper and lower lip are equal. There is a filling in the middle of the lip that exceeds the more prominent lip lines.

The lip on the aphrodite lip looks taut and smooth. Aphrodite lip should be used with caution and must be done by specialists. It is a lip form that requires much attention. The upper lip should be inwards and its protrusion should be against the tip of the nose. The thickness of the upper lip and lower lip should be equal. The lip lines on both lips (lower and upper) should be evident. The lip will take the form of an Aphrodite lip, almost like a cupid eros.

aphrodite lip filling

Eros Spring Lip

The point to be considered in the Eros spring lip is the fold in the middle of the upper lip. The Eros bow lip is more natural looking, unlike the Aphrodite lip. The main purpose in this lip structure is to highlight the fold in the middle of the upper lip.

Both the fullness and the lip fold appear on the Eros bow lip. Hyaluronic acid and various oils are used while making the Eros spring lip. Permanent and temporary applications can be made.

eros bow lip

Hera Lip

The first choice of those who want to add an energetic air for both a smile and a beautiful appearance is hera filling. The name Hera comes from the beauties of mythology, and the hera lip is very suitable for golden ratio calculations, just like the Venus lip.

The lower lip in the Hera lip is thicker and the upper lip is one click thinner. It is made by moving the lip line out slightly. It is stretched so that a smooth appearance is obtained.

hera lip

How to Apply Permanent Lip Fill?

Permanent lip filler also known as oil transfer. Permanent lip filling with oil transfer is carried out in 2 stages. The oils to be injected into the lip are recovered. The most suitable oil for the lip is located in the abdomen. The fat is pulled from the abdomen by liposuction method and the oil is drawn into the lip after being thinned.

This application must be applied in the hospital and by specialist physicians. Lip filling made by transferring oil in this way is a permanent method. However, it does not give immediate results like temporary filling. Visible results are started to be obtained after 6 months due to the permanent lip filling by transfer. As long as life continues, it continues to live with the person who has filled this filling. Since it is not an easy and artificial process like temporary lip filling, its price is obviously noticeable.

How Permanent Lip Filler

There is also an increase or increase in price depending on the duration of lip filling. For example, the Juvederm lip filling remains permanent for about a year. The price is a little higher. However, Restylane lip filling is permanent for 3 to 6 months. So its price is lower. Lip filling is applied by injecting acid and oil around the lip with tiny needles and the process takes place in a short time like 20 minutes. Without the person to be traded, only the region to be treated is numbed. It is not eaten and drunk for 2 hours after the application. Then, you go back to daily life. After these applications, people can return to their routine lives and have the opportunity to use their fillings for a long time.

What is Lip Filling Prices?

Lip filling is applied in two different ways. For this reason, the price changes according to the process applied. Lip filling priceIt varies according to the shape of the lips made as temporary and permanent. The quality and brand of the material used will vary according to the cities where the application will be made and the districts connected to it, the hospital or aesthetic center built. Compared to big cities, there is a considerable price difference between smaller cities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Filling

What are the Considerations After Lip Filling?

Performing a cold compress every 2 hours after the operation will help prevent pain and bruise.

-No makeup should be applied within 24 hours after the operation.

Extremely hard products should not be eaten for -3 days.

You should not enter any solarium, bath and shower for -3 days.

It should not be exposed to the sun for 3 days and should be away from sports.

-You should take the medicines and creams given by your doctor regularly.

-If there is a feeling of lumpy after the lip filling, you should massage 2 times a day. You should also contact your doctor.

You should use a lip moisturizer for 1 week.

Alcohol, cigarettes, painkillers, tea, garlic and vitamin supplements should be avoided within -3 days.

Will there be bruises and swellings after filling?

Yes, swelling and bruising are normal. Such symptoms are expected to clear within 22-3 days. If it does not pass, you should contact your doctor.

How Permanent Is Lip Filling?

This situation may vary from person to person, and has an average of 6-12 months permanence feature.

What Do Those Who Make Lip Fillers Say?

-3-6 months permanent hyaluronic acid lip filling and price is around 600-700 TL. Prices vary according to the amount used. In another alternative, the fats taken from an oily area of ​​the body are added to some lipids and made permanent and injected into the lip. This method is more permanent.

-I need to fill my lips. I had it done before and after lip fillingThere are places that melt and do not melt with time. I have to fill the melting places. I do not want a temporary because my money has never been relieved.

-Hello, I made a filling on my lip recently. I’ve been researching for a long time. I am very pleased that I did not experience feelings like asymmetry. My lip lines are very low, the lipstick looks beautiful.

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