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What are the suggestions for cellulite treatment and cellulite treatment?

Cellulite occurs just below the visible surface of the skin. The oils formed in the oils under the skin cause the skin to look rough and orange peel. Only this area in the body is affected by cellulite problem. Affecting the entire appearance of the skin cellulite Exercise may be effective but it is not a solution especially after the problem occurs. On the other hand, eating healthy and paying attention to eating can also prevent new cellulites, but may not destroy existing ones. Namely, drinking plenty of water, avoiding cigarettes, alcohol and caffeinated beverages are known to prevent cellulite, but if your skin already has cellulite, it cannot destroy them.

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Cellulite Treatment

It is clear that eating healthy should be a lifestyle for almost everyone. In order to live a long and healthy life, you should pay attention to the nutrients and amount you take into your body. But cellulite can sometimes be seen even in people who are healthy and are at an ideal weight.

On the other hand, cycling and leg exercises prevent less cellulite from occuring in the body, but since it occurs in the subcutaneous fat of the body, it does not reduce the existing cellulite. Cellulite creams, making a pouch in the hammam and regular massage will prevent new cellulite again, but it cannot eliminate what happens. In this case cellulite developed on treatment methods You can use. Some of them are as follows.


If performed by professional surgeons in a professional medical center liposuction is effective in both regional slimming and cellulite treatment. The most important point for liposuction, which is now a very common and known treatment method, is that it should be done by experts. In liposuction treatment, fats that are formed in certain parts of the body are eliminated by two methods. One of them is vacuuming and the other is syringe withdrawal method. It is generally an effective and precise solution as it is applied directly on the oil layers. Another method called lipoelectro is a treatment similar to liposuction. What is different here is the application called electro.

It is applied with the help of longer and rather thin needles. It is aimed directly at breaking down and eliminating fats. It is one of the most effective methods just like liposuction. On the other hand, there is another method called laser method where the oils are broken down with the same logic. With this method called laser liposuction, it is ensured that the regions that remain immobile due to the fat layer formed are activated and the blood circulation is aimed to be faster. Of course, the point to remember is that once you apply this method, a health lifestyle should be adopted. Even though it effectively and precisely saves you without regional weight, liposuction does not mean that you will not face cellulite again.

liposuction cellulite treatment


The fat layer that has accumulated anywhere in the body for a long time immobilizes that area and prevents the blood circulation in this area from accelerating. It is difficult for the body to activate the fats in these areas where exercise is also difficult to affect and cannot melt and use them. Mesotherapy is a method directly applied to these areas. In this method, a mixture is injected into the middle layer of the skin, which is difficult to reach and where fat accumulation is observed. Special needles are used for this injection process. This mixture, which is injected into the body with the help of these needles, provides the breakdown of fats. If it breaks down, the body becomes able to reuse and activate the fat formed in these areas. Thus, the blood circulation, which slows down here, accelerates again and fat accumulation is reduced. Len’s circulation and blood circulation are very comfortable and thus stubborn fats are eliminated.

The mechanism for the formation and use of fat in our body is called the lipophilic mechanism. Fat accumulation occurs faster when the lipophase mechanism becomes stationary and immobile. This method, called mesotherapy, enables this mechanism to speed up, to dissolve the stubborn lubrication and to prevent it from forming again.

mesotherapy cellulite treatment


Similar to the ultrasound method that helps the imaging of the inner parts of the body we know In the ultrasound method used to reduce fat, sound waves are sent to the body. These sound waves are sent to the body by cavitation method. Cavitation is a similar method to lipocustion. However, it is a slightly more developed form. Namely, cavitation is a method that can be applied without the need for anesthesia, without causing any pain and pain and leaving no trace. As with all cellulite treatments, the aim is to dissolve fat.

The ultrasound method is actually sending sound waves to the body called an ultrasound wave. Low intensity ultrasound waves sent to the body by cavitation method create water bubbles in the liquid. These bubbles activate the immobilized fat layer. The fat layer, which cannot resist vibrations and bubbles, begins to melt. It is a treatment method consisting of several sessions in general. The number of sessions is determined according to the extent of lubrication and the appearance of cellulite is also eliminated.

ultrasound cellulite treatment


Acupuncture is also a known and used method for a long time. With this method, the key points, which have accumulated fat in the body, are reached with the help of a needle. With these needles, water or its cells are activated and accelerated. As a result, with the acceleration and blood circulation being affected, the fat layer that causes the appearance of cellulite is melted and eliminated.

Acupuncture cellulite treatment

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy can also be called a kind of steam bath. Together with the steam bath, oxygen is provided to the parts of the body under the skin. Oxygen is effective in cleansing the body and breaking down fats. Oxygen reaching the lower layers of the body with ozone therapy causes the fat layers in these areas to melt and also the blood circulation to be accelerated.

ozone therapy cellulite treatment

Pressure Therapy

The key method in this treatment is to apply an air pressure to the body. Thanks to this pressure, blood circulation and lymph circulation in the body accelerates. It is a method that is applied to everyone differently by experts. It is extremely effective on the lubrication that causes cellulite if applied professionally in a professional medical center.

These methods are classical methods used for cellulite and regional lubrication. Any one can be applied depending on the density of the fat layer and the different features of the body. It is generally accepted that most of them are effective in removing cellulite. However, important developments are taking place on this subject day by day. Methods such as infrared rays and radio frequency have also started to be used. The so-called Velashape, Thermage, Vshape and Body FX are also known as the latest methods against cellulite.

pressure therapy cellulite treatment


This method is effective in all parts of the skin, both deeper and upper layer lubrication is reduced by this method. It is basically a method that consists of three applications. These applications are radio frequency, infrared ray energy and a mechanical massage method. Each of them aims to decrease the fat layer formed and to have a reduction in the applied area. One of the effective methods used recently is Velashape.


One of the things that causes cellulite as well as weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle is that the skin loses its elasticity. It is a fact that the skin loses this feature with aging. Tight and inelastic skin can not affect the areas that get oiled over time. The key method for Thermage is the application of radio frequency. It is aimed to give the skin an elastic and tight appearance again through radio frequencies. Sometimes this method is used with either the Velashape or Vshape methods, and in this case it becomes a more effective method.

Vhape Method

In this method, both the radio frequency and sound waves, which are the main application of ultrasound therapy, are used together. With its application, a heat is formed under the skin. With this heat, the collagen production decreases with the aging of the skin and the skin quality is also increased. At the same time, like all other methods, adipose tissue is destroyed and destroyed. Water molecules that already exist in the skin can move faster with radio frequencies. This also increases collagen production, which is very necessary for the skin.

vhape cellulite treatment

Body FX Method

Body FX is made by using vacuum energy with the use of a frequency energy developed recently. During the application, the temperature of the skin can be measured. In this way, the energy rate to be given to the skin can be adjusted and more successful results are obtained. Cellulites are eliminated in a short time with this method, whose main goal is to gather the skin and make it better. The sessions are determined according to the intensity of cellulite and lubrication and treatment is completed in this way.

Internalize a Healthy Lifestyle

The methods mentioned above are aimed at eliminating the cellulite problem. If you have been dealing with this problem for a long time, you can benefit from any of them according to your body’s features and application methods. These eliminate already existing cellulite and lubricants.

However, the point to remember is that healthy diet and regular sports should not be abandoned in order to eliminate the cellulite problem in the future and to feel healthier and more vigorous.

Carbonated, alcoholic, caffeinated beverages, trans-fat or ready-made unhealthy foods can cause various ailments and bad looks in the body, including inactivity, lubrication and cellulite. Activities such as walking, exercising regularly, cycling will also reduce the new fat and cellulites. Adopting a healthy lifestyle by following them continuously can save you from all kinds of health and aesthetic problems.

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