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Can I Eat Pasta and Rice at Night?

A belief in nutrition is that eating pasta or rice at night is not a good idea because it causes weight gain or is bad for health. The truth is that these foods can be eaten at any time of the day, but in doing so, you should consider the points I will share with you today.

The first thing to consider is that these foods are energetic. Therefore, their role is to provide energy and help the body recover after exertion. Therefore, they should be used for this purpose, leaving their taste aside.

When can you eat pasta and rice at night?

It is a good idea to consume these foods at night if you haven’t taken too much carbohydrates during the day and exercised (especially in the afternoon). Its main functions will help you recover. Thus, they help regenerate muscle and liver glycogen.

If you do not eat them and do strenuous exercise the next morning, your risk of muscle injury increases. Therefore, it is important to make sure that glucose and muscle glycogen levels are appropriate before exercising high intensity.

However, if you want to lose weight, a possible solution would be to cut carbohydrates from your meals and exercise while fasting. However, if you do this, your morning exercise should be of low intensity to minimize risks.

eating pasta at night
Eating pasta and rice for dinner can be a good option for athletes. You can also think this way when you consume small amounts of carbohydrates at other times of the day.

Eating pasta or rice at night has the energy function and is mainly aimed at anaerobic athletes. These individuals will benefit from eating these foods. In fact, they will be an essential part of improving their performance.

These athletes should consume a lot of carbohydrates when they use glycogen loading before a competition. In these cases, muscle and liver deposits empty before 24-48 hours. They then over-saturate the reserves and ensure the availability of these nutrients in physical activity.

These strategies are typical in strength, weight category or anaerobic endurance sports. They also include large amounts of rice and pasta consumption at dinner.


You should not eat pasta and rice at night

In the case of sedentary people who do not exercise regularly, carbohydrates at night are not very functional. They may be more meaningful in the first meals of the day, especially in reducing appetite.

However, it is best to avoid them at night and consume protein and vegetables instead. Therefore, you should consume large meals of low energy density, which allow you to go to bed fully and rest properly, but do not provide glucose, which will not be used or stored as glycogen.

Over the years, carbohydrates become less necessary. On the contrary, protein demands start to increase to prevent muscle damage and destruction.

Therefore, pasta and rice become secondary or leftover foods, both at night and at any time of the day, in the diet, behind protein and fat.

eat rice at night
Pasta and rice consumption at night should be limited to those who are physically challenging. Otherwise, they are unnecessary and can lead to weight gain.

What about diabetes patients?

In this case, it is necessary to differentiate type 1 diabetes patients from type 2 diabetes patients. In the first case, they need to consume one serving of carbohydrates at night to control the glucose curve.

In the latter case, however, it can be positive to cut carbohydrates from dinner and even make certain fasts. In this way, they will reduce body weight and improve glucose control, resulting in an improvement in the symptomatology of the disease and a decrease in associated complications.


You can eat pasta and rice at night as long as the reason behind this intake is about sports. For resident individuals or those who want to lose weight, the best thing is to reduce carbohydrate intake as much as possible.

In these cases, the simplest thing is not to eat them at night because you are less likely to be hungry while you sleep. Therefore, calorie reduction will be more bearable. Keep this in mind!

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