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What Are Hydrogenized Oils? – A step to health

There are many types of fats in foods. Some are healthy and some are harmful. Hydrogenated oils are vegetable oils that, when they enter the body, can act as animal fats. In this regard, they are also known as trans fats, as they alter their composition, appearance, and texture. In …

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Can I Eat Pasta and Rice at Night?

A belief in nutrition is that eating pasta or rice at night is not a good idea because it causes weight gain or is bad for health. The truth is that these foods can be eaten at any time of the day, but in doing so, you should consider the …

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Additives: Allergies, Symptoms and Treatments

Because people often confuse them with food intolerances, allergies from consuming foods containing additives are often not noticed. But basically bAlthough they come out of a similar point and show close symptoms these two are different things. Food intolerance is when a person is sensitive due to difficulty in digesting …

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