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Pegan Diet – What You Need to Know

The basis of the Pegan diet is plant-based food consumption. It is basically a combination of paleo diet and vegan diet. Paleo diet is the diet that follows the eating habits of our ancestors in the Paleolithic period.

What is the Pegan diet?

gluten free pegan diet

The Pegan diet was developed by American nutritionist Mark Hyman. The main idea that the Pegan diet shares with the paleo diet is not to consume processed foods.

However, it is not only about eating the same food as our ancestors, but also how it is also related to what they consume. From refined foods, cold foods, sausages, etc. This is the reason behind avoidance.

As we said before, pegan diet is not only about eating food from plants, it also ensures that there is no processed food. Therefore, foods such as tofu or tempé are unacceptable.

Keys to the Pegan diet

The success of the Pegan diet lies in its content. Because they must be natural and free from chemicals and GMOs. In addition, 75% of foods should be based on vegetables of natural and proven ecological and sustainable origin.

Healthy fats are essential because they play a key role in your body’s health. Avocados, coconut oil, nuts or extra virgin olive oil are ingredients used in this diet. Healthy fats provide essential fatty acids, among other nutrients.

Dietary meat should be from grass-fed animals, fish should be caught in the wild, and eggs should be organic. Legumes, especially lentils, are encouraged. People who follow this diet should eat legumes up to one glass a day.

They should also consume gluten-free grains such as quinoa, amarant, gluten-free oats, corn, rice or millet. However, you should eliminate sugar and refined grains. This is because excessive sugar consumption increases your risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and excess weight.

Also, the pegan diet removes dairy products without feeding and recommends replacing them with vegetable drinks such as soy or oat milk.


The benefits of the Pegan diet

This diet does not exclude any components that are essential to your body’s health. Thus, It gives everything you need to have enough energy and function properly with a careful content balance. The main features:

Balances blood sugar and insulin levels

foods containing asorbic acid

Given that this is a diet with low glycemic levels, it balances insulin and blood sugar levels. This is because it contains little or no refined flour and carbohydrates.

Doing a Pegan diet helps improve symptoms of diabetes, stress, anxiety, and other diseases associated with blood sugar disorders.

Regulates cholesterol

Its effect on cholesterol also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Also, The contribution of omega-3 you can get from flax seeds, bluefish, algae and nuts and improves inflammation thanks to lower meat consumption.


Has low toxicity

This type of diet promotes the consumption of local, ecological and non-toxic products and the rearing of animals with respect. It can also help you lose weight and keep your weight low.

Is the Pegan diet healthy?

healthy fed woman doing sports

The question is whether the pegan diet is really healthy and whether it can help you lose and maintain optimal weight. The biggest problem with this diet is that it can be very strict as it is a combination of both vegan and paleo diets.

In addition, legumes limit the consumption of certain vegetable-based proteins and processed foods to a small extent. Consult a nutritionist before deciding to follow this diet.


Until now, You should remember that there is no evidence that this diet type has any advantage over other diet types, even less stringent ones.

Despite its benefits, the other two diets (paleo and vegan) that contain the pegan diet are less strict and may be more beneficial in the long run.

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