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What Are Hydrogenized Oils? – A step to health

There are many types of fats in foods. Some are healthy and some are harmful. Hydrogenated oils are vegetable oils that, when they enter the body, can act as animal fats.

In this regard, they are also known as trans fats, as they alter their composition, appearance, and texture. In this article you will find more information about them!

What are hydrogenated oils?

Hydrogenated oils or trans fats are oils that result from a chemical process. Many experts are against them. In fact, no specialist recommends that they be consumed even at low rates.

You should avoid them as much as possible. These oils are obtained from hydrogenation (from unsaturated to saturated) of vegetable oils. Therefore, they are much more harmful than saturated fats.


How to get hydrogenated oils

Unnatural butter can also contain hydrogenated oils.
Hydrogenated oils are subjected to a chemical treatment that benefits manufacturers. This is because their cost is lower than other oils.

Trans or hydrogenated oils are caused by a chemical process that benefits manufacturers in many ways, as they are often cheaper than other types of oil. However, trans fats are dangerous for our health.

Many different food industries add hydrogen to ingredients that contain certain oils in liquid form, such as oils. They do this when the oils reach a very high temperature, so that the oils solidify.

In this way, keep food in good condition longer and make them look more appetizing. They also make cooking easier as they are more difficult to spoil during the cooking process.

Health effects of hydrogenated oils

You can find trans or hydrogenated oil in most processed foods. day only 5gr. Even consuming trans fat is considered dangerous for your health.

They are the most harmful oils, therefore, it is recommended to prevent or reduce their consumption. They also increase the risk of developing the following diseases:

  • Cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis. These oils can raise harmful cholesterol and triglyceride levels. They also lower healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Cancer. They can enable the body to produce defective hormones and cell membranes.
  • Brain diseases. These oils inhibit the effect of essential fatty acids, slow down brain growth and maturation.
  • Metabolic diseases and diabetes.

World Health Organization (WHO), a The Expert Committee Report emphasizes the need to significantly reduce or completely eliminate trans fatty acids used in industrial food production.

The consumer is not fully aware of the effects of high intake of trans fatty acids on health, especially cardiovascular health.

Contained foods or products

Many foods that we consume as a day may contain trans fats.
You can find hydrogenated oils in a wide variety of products that people consume regularly.

Hydrogenated oil is cheap and has the ideal consistency to develop many different products.

Moreover, it has a pleasant taste. In addition, its shelf life is longer than other types of oil.

Do you know which products contain these harmful oils?

  • Industrial pastries
  • Cookie
  • Ready meals
  • snacks
  • Margarine
  • Candy
  • Fast food in general
  • Fried foods


How do we avoid hydrogenated oils?

The first thing you should do to avoid these oils is to avoid processed products. Therefore, it is recommended to consume fresh products that do not contain these oils or other supplements.

Also, if you buy most of your food from a supermarket, Read the label before buying a processed product. It is important to make sure that the products in your cart do not contain unhealthy ingredients.

In this regard, we mean not only hydrogenated oils, but also sugar and starches. Also, on the label of a product If it is stated that it contains vegetable oils, you should look at what kind of vegetable oils are mentioned. must. Avoid trans fatty acids, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.

If you are purchasing many processed products or ready meals, this may seem a little difficult for you. However, it is important to change your habits to have a healthy lifestyle.

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