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Full-Fat Dairy Products or Low-Fat Dairy Products?

For years, low-fat dairy products have been said to be better because they cause people to gain weight about full-fat dairy products and cause cardiovascular diseases due to the fat they contain. there are beliefs. However, more and more studies contradict this fact. In this article, we will explain whether full-fat dairy products or low-fat dairy products are better.

Full-fat dairy products or low-fat dairy products?

Full-fat products have always had a bad reputation among the public:

  • Calorie. Full-fat dairy products contain more calories than low-fat ones, because fat is a macronutrient that provides more calories. It is easy to remove oil from dairy products. Therefore, it seems logical that they represent a lower risk of obesity because they contain fewer calories.
  • Saturated fats. Saturated fats are always known as “bad” fats because they can cause diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, eliminating them is an additional advantage.

However,When you cut fat from your diet, you cut off many minerals as well as fat-soluble vitamins (A, D and E).



Experts have done a lot of work to check if full-fat products cause people to gain weight and improve overall health. Here we will tell you about different works:

Weight and milk

American Journal of NutritionIn a study published in, weight differences were observed among those who consumed full-fat or low-fat products. The results show that the group consuming full-fat products reduced the risk of being overweight or obese by 8%.

The article states that high intake of fat from dairy products is associated with lower risk of central obesity and cardiovascular risk, while lower intake of dairy products is associated with increased risk of central obesity.

Health and dairy products

Most studies have not found any difference between full-fat or low-fat products, or full-fat products have yielded better results. In fact, whole milk products can cure some diseases, such as:


Should children prefer full-fat dairy products or low-fat dairy products?

child consuming whole milk products

It is important for children to consume full-fat milk, because, as we mentioned above, a significant amount of vitamins and minerals are lost in low-fat dairy products. In a study with 2745 children, experts observed that full milk intake was associated with higher vitamin D concentrations in the blood and a lower body mass index.

It should be noted that these dairy products should not contain added sugar, because many dairy products for children have a lot of sugar and preservatives.


In general, since dairy products are not the main reason for being overweight or obese, you should address each case specifically. If your body is difficult to digest full-fat dairy products, you can choose low-fat dairy products. This also applies if you drink a few glasses of milk a day.

However, if you need to follow a low-fat diet for any reason, it may be best to consume low-fat dairy products. This also applies if you are going to have a physical activity later in the day. As a result, you should consider some basic concepts:

  • Not all oils are “bad”; you just need to know their origin. As you can see, saturated fats from milk do not contribute to obesity or cardiovascular disease.
  • Since whole milk products contain fat, that will make you eat less during the day They provide satiety.
  • Low-fat dairy products tend to be more unpleasant, and therefore people add sugar and refined grains to them. In other words, they remove fat but include other ingredients that are more harmful to health.


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