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Simple Candies: What Is the Function of Glucose?

Everyone has heard of glucose, one of the basic simple sugars, even if it’s just about diabetes. However, very few people know about the properties of this molecule and the function of glucose in the human body.

Glucose, It is the main energy source of the cells in our body. Therefore, it is vital. It is the food glucose that provides the cells with the energy they need to perform all their functions.

This simple sugar is naturally found in foods and vegetables. It also occurs as part of larger molecules and polysaccharides. The best known are starch and glycogen, often found in foods such as rice and meat.

Glucose, is part of all processes in human metabolism. In today’s article we will explain what is the function of glucose and what are the common problems with it.

Simple candies: Glucose

fruit vegetable glucose meter

As we mentioned above, glucose is a food we get through food. The digestive process turns food into glucose to maintain the cells in our body.

When we eat, food goes to our blood and fatty acid, protein or carbohydrate – no matter what they are – they all reach the liver. This organ performs a number of complex procedures and turns said nutrients into glucose. Then glucose enters the blood and spreads from there to all parts of the body.

Every cell uses this molecule as energy. They do this through a series of reactions that are the basis of our metabolism. Thus, this simple sugar cell proliferation, tissue repair, muscle movement and nerve function etc. solids.


What health problems occur due to glucose?

As we said before people cannot live without glucose. There are even many diseases that are somehow associated with this substance.

For example, diabetes is one of them. In this disease, the body is either unable to produce insulin or developed resistance to it. Insulin is the substance that allows glucose to pass into cells. It is like a “key” used to access the cell.

When our body is unable to produce it or use it faster than it should be, most of the glucose remains in the blood. As a result, cells cannot get this molecule enough. It can also cause damage to many body tissues. The most affected are blood vessels, heart and kidneys.

Unfortunately diabetes, it is a multifactorial disease that is rapidly turning into an epidemic. Below are factors such as lethargic lifestyle and poor quality of the food we consume today.

You should continue to strictly control the glucose level in your blood to prevent all the risks caused by this disease. Also, be aware of unhealthy habits in your life and try to change them for your own good.

Glucose measurement

finger glucose measurement
With a device known as a glucose meter, you can measure glucose in your blood. You can also take this measurement through a blood or urine test.

These days in your blood to keep the glucose level under surveillance there are many methods. It is normal for it to drop below 100mg / dl when fasting. So if the level goes above these values, there may be a problem with the passage of energy going into the cells.

Glucose meters are devices that measure this substance. They do this thanks to a drop of blood that you take by piercing your finger. They give the result in a few seconds. A person can also find out how much glucose is removed from the kidneys through a urine or blood test.



Glucose is a vital molecule. Both too high and too low glucose levels can put our lives at risk. That’s why it’s important to measure your glucose level from time to time. If you have diabetes or if you have a high risk of developing diabetes, you should take this measurement many times a day.


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