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The consequences of eating blackened fruit – step to health

Fruits darken when they come in contact with air. This situation Although it does not mean that the fruits can no longer be consumed, causes them to lose certain features. In today’s article, we will talk about what consequences of consuming blackened fruit will have.

It has a sensory and nutritional structure that affects the quality and function of the fruit. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the fruits from darkening.

One of the first conditions that appear as a result of blackening is free radicals. Since free radicals can negatively affect human health, you should not consume excessive amounts of blackened fruits. Although there is no definitive information that consuming blackened fruit causes certain diseases, it is helpful to avoid eating fruits in this situation.

Note that the blackening occurs as a result of a chain reaction. When this process begins, it cannot be stopped and continues until the fruit decays and produces substances prone to disease risk. Apple and avocado are some of the most darkened fruits.

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Phenols in Blackened Fruits

Fruit contact with oxygen causes a decrease in phenolic components. These components are antioxidants that reduce free radicals. Therefore, the first occurrence in darkening fruits is to decrease their nutritional values.

When you cut the fruit, the phenolic components come into contact with the polyphenol oxidase enzyme. Because of this, browning begins in the fruit caused by oxidation.

Keep in mind that free radicals have serious cellular effects and play an important role in degenerative diseases. Because of that, You should consume antioxidants to prevent oxidation effects.


Blackened Fruit Consumption: Vitamins in These Fruits

Similarly, vitamin oxidation occurs. For example; Although the passage of this molecule is allowed as a result of oxidation of vitamin C, it is possible to pass in an inactive form. Hence, oxidation resets the fruit’s effects on human health.

From this, we can conclude that the benefit of the darkened fruits is significantly reduced. Therefore, vitamins lose their function and the antioxidant capacity of the fruit decreases.

How do we prevent the fruits from darkening?

Fruits containing citric acid do not darken. For this reason, you can squeeze lemons on your fruits that are getting dark and you can reduce their darkening and delay the process.

However, you can also prevent the fruit from coming into contact with oxygen. You can use plastic or vacuum bags for this.

Fruits are kept in a different environment with less oxygen in order to increase their shelf life before they are sold. In addition, cooling is another process that slows down the process. Therefore, you can keep the fruits in the refrigerator so that they do not get dark.

Using a refrigerator to avoid consuming blackened fruit


Another Option to Cook

You can also prevent oxidation by cooking. Because the enzymes that cause blackening during cooking disappear. Because of that, cooking fruits while preventing oxidation It also prevents the decrease of nutritional values.

For example; apples darken very easily. But if you heat it in the oven, it will darken longer.

Conclusion on Blackened Fruit Consumption

Although consuming blackened fruit does not affect human health in a negative way, it may cause the nutritional values ​​of the food to decrease.

Because of all this, you need to keep the fruits in proper conditions. Finally, To prevent oxidation, it is useful to apply cold citrus juice on the fruits and keep the fruits in vacuum bags.


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