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Why Does Your Urine Smell After Eating Asparagus?

Some foods change the smell of urine. Asparagus is one of them. This means your urine will smell after eating it.

The source of this condition is substance named asparagusic acid. Its metabolization leads to the production of a waste product called methanetiol. Here, your urine will smell because of this waste product.

In addition, metabolism of asparagusic acid, leading to characteristic odor leads to the growth of other substances, such as dimethyl sulfide and sulfur components. However, this process does not happen to everyone. In fact, it is the presence of a certain gene in the DNA that determines it.


Not everyone can perceive this smell

Just like a gene determines the production of these components after eating asparagus, not everyone can detect the smell in their urine. Even only 40 percent of the population is sensitive to this smell.

Perception of smell is genetic and it is also related to the DNA type of each individual. But one way to change the fact that urine smells is to drink more water and eat diuretic foods after eating asparagus. Thus, urine will be less dense and smell less.

Let’s also note that the majority of people who cannot identify this smell are women. Women are generally better at recognizing odors. However, this is an exception.

Another reason for this the position where women urinate it may make it difficult for them to perceive the smell. However, to achieve better results, it is necessary to continue to work on the importance of this phenomenon and the genome.

a bunch of asparagus urine odor

Natural diuretics that you can consume when your urine smells after asparagus

Certain foods increase urine production and stimulate urination. Two good examples are tea and pineapple. These foods help fight fluid retention and have the ability to reduce the smell of urine by lowering its density.

They also help purify the body as they increase urine production, thereby cleaning the body of waste products.

However, it is also important to make sure that water is properly consumed to prevent dehydration. Generally, 2 liters (8 glasses) of water per day is sufficient to ensure proper hydration. However, you may need to drink more water in warmer and humid climates.

The same is through sweating also for athletes who lose a lot of water It applies. Proper water intake helps maintain kidney health along with natural diuretic foods.


Other features of asparagus

Asparagus It is rich in minerals such as potassium. It also contains plenty of vitamins C and B. Moreover, it is a source of fiber. This means that besides being low, it is a satisfying food.

We should also note that this vegetable is very versatile. So you can use it when making different recipes. You can steam it or make its sauce. Similarly, you can make creamy asparagus soup. Another great idea is to make a person using this vegetable. In addition, its shelf life is long.

cream asparagus soup


asparagus a substance that is metabolized in the body has. This substance causes the sulfurous waste to get there. Therefore, your urine will smell after eating asparagus.

However, not everyone can perceive this smell.

Regardless, asparagus is a very interesting vegetable that you can include in your diet. It is rich in fiber and not high in calories. This makes it an ideal vegetable for any type of nutrition program. In addition, this vegetable is very versatile. So you can prepare many different recipes using it.

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