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Ways to Get Rid of Goose Feet – Natural Skin Care

Goose feet are wrinkles around the eyes that started to be seen from the age of 20 and become one of the most important skin problems of women as the age gets older. As the crow’s feet begin to manifest themselves, many women feel under the influence of aging. To create these wrinkles in custody, it is necessary to work the muscles in this area first. To do this, press two fingers on your temples to open and close your eyes quickly. By repeating this easy exercise several times, you can make your muscles around the eyes work. Ways to get rid of crow’s feet You can also try herbal mask recipes in between.

Mix all the ingredients provided for the mask in a small bowl until it becomes a paste. Then apply the mask you prepared all over the eyes, under the eyelid and under the eyes, wait for 15-20 minutes. While the mask is on your skin, lie on your back, rest your eyes and prevent the mask from flowing. At the last stage, apply gentle movements to purify your skin with warm water. Yeast mask for crow’s feet After applying, apply a few drops of olive oil to a piece of cotton and lightly massage your eye area with this cotton. This process will add moisture to your eyes.

Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl and apply to your clean skin. It is useful to apply the mask by massaging around the eyes with gentle movements. Then wait 20 minutes and purify your skin with warm water. Regularly applying the egg mask once a week will be effective for getting rid of goose feet.

Mix butter and honey in a small plate and bring it to a creamy consistency. Then apply the mixture you have prepared over the entire eye area and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then rinse your skin with warm water. Mask for crow’s feet You can repeat the recipe 2 times a week.

Natural care mask for crow's feet

Natural care mask for crow’s feet

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