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Healthy Food On Digestive Regulator

The foods you eat regulate the health of your digestive system. If you have a diet rich in sugar, low-quality fats and processed flour, you are more likely to experience stomach problems. In order to avoid these problems, we decided to share ten digestive foods with you. Many people experience …

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10 food types you should avoid for glucose balance

Diabetes is an ever-increasing disease that has become one of the most dangerous diseases among non-communicable diseases today. There are currently approximately 415 million diabetes patients in the world and we would like to point out again that under these conditions something needs to be done for glucose balance. There …

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Incorrect Information on Food and Beverage Coronavirus

Recently, a lot of misinformation about coronavirus has started to appear on the internet. Many try to convince us that certain foods, beverages or applications can prevent the spread or development of this disease. However, we actually know very little about the effect of foods on the development of this …

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Food Colors and Nutritional Values

“Her gün en az bir koyu yeşil ve bir turuncu sebze yiyin.” Bu Kanada Sağlık Bakanlığı’nın tavsiyesidir. Peki bu öneri neden bu kadar açık? Gıdanın renkleri, gıdanın besin değeri ve kalitesiyle alakalı mı?  Generally speaking, not all foods of the same color have the same properties. In terms of nutritional …

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