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Care recommendations for wearing hair in the summer

Being in the sun too much harms the skin and hair. When sea salt, chlorine and hot air are added to the sun, the hair will wear out very quickly. So, what should you do to get the hair lost in the summer to have a healthy look again? As the High Heels team, hair that wears out in summer We provide useful suggestions about. Thanks to the suggestions we offer you, you can always have healthy and shiny hair.

Hair fractures

Factors such as sun, sea, chlorine cause hair breakage. As the fractures increase, hair starts to look neglected and bad. To prevent this, you can remove the fractures in your hair just before entering the summer. Also, during the day, use hair protection products such as serum, spray, cream, gel. Products that give heat such as tongs and straighteners cause breaks in the hair. So, minimize the use of these products, especially in the summer.

Quickly oiled hair

In summer, the hair gets oiled much more quickly due to factors such as sun and sweat. You can use dry hair shampoo to prevent oily appearance on your hair. Also, when applying conditioner, be careful to apply cream to the ends of the hair instead of the hair follicles. Thus, your hair will be less greasy.

Electrified hair

Sun and sea salt can make hair look electrified. Therefore, moisten your hair frequently in the summer. Using moisturizing hair care products will be beneficial for your hair. Also, take care to comb your hair while it is slightly moist. Hair combed while dry is both more broken and easier to electrify.

Dull and lifeless hair

If you have fine hair, you should care more for your hair in the summer. Because the sun causes the hair to appear more voluminous. For this, you can choose volume shampoo and hair products.

Dyed hair

If you have dyed hair, the dye of your hair will fade faster and you need to dye more frequently in summer. In this case, the hair will wear out much more. You can prevent your hair from wearing out by using paint protection products.

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