How to make a ponytail?

Blow straight hair on your hair, but fold the brush inwards or outwards to the ends. Take a pinch from the front of your hair and comb it in with the fine-tip comb when you collect it. Do this according to your own eye decision, after throwing this part that seems to be entangled back, slightly straighten it with a brush. If you have bangs in your hair, separate them at the front and brush them up at the last stage.

Add the hair underneath to the part where you embossed it to be collected above. After fastening the ponytail you have made with a rubber buckle, you can strengthen it with a scalloped buckle so that the upper part does not fall apart. While doing this, make sure that the combed buckle and the tire are not visible and separate a small pinch of hair from the bottom.

Wrap the hair you have separated at the bottom so that your ponytail is completely closed by the rubber buckle where you gather it and fix it with a very small buckle. Finally, make sure that your hair does not get stiff and distorted by using hair spray.

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