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Natural Mask For Skin Wrinkles

Although skin wrinkles usually occur with advancing age, alcohol, smoking and excessive exposure to sunlight are also factors that cause wrinkles. Not only that, but also genetic factors, climate, stress and many factors can cause wrinkles. Wrinkles that show up in various areas such as face, neck, detention and hands are nightmares that no lady wants. Although cosmetic creams are used to prevent aging signs and yet unwanted wrinkles for a few more years, natural methods are actually one of the most effective measures for skin wrinkles. If you think it is time to take measures for wrinkles, cnatural mask for ilt wrinkles you can apply recipes. Here are a few natural and effective mask recipes that you can prepare for you at home.

For the apple mask you will apply for wrinkles, first boil 1 tablespoon of cream in 1 teaspoon of water. Then grate one apple and grab it and boil the whole mixture for a few minutes. Apply the mixture you prepared to warm skin after waiting and rinse your skin after waiting for 20 minutes. Apple mask for wrinkles You can apply the recipe once a week.

Before applying the yeast mask, it is necessary to clean the skin with the help of cotton by adding a little water to the lemon juice. The effect of yeast on the skin purified with lemon juice will be more beneficial. Afterwards, add a little water to the fresh yeast in a small bowl, bring it to the consistency of the cream and apply the mask you prepared by massaging your clean skin with gentle movements. Then, cover the mask with a cloth or greaseproof paper, dip it in a coarse towel filled with hot water, and apply a hot compress 4-5 times on your face. Apply a hot compress with the mask on your skin for 20 minutes, and rinse your face with cold water, then make a cold compress with ice.

Natural mask for wrinkles It is enough to apply the recipes regularly once a week.

You can minimize your wrinkles with these methods you can apply at home.

You can minimize your wrinkles with these methods you can apply at home.


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