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Top 20 Organic Hair Color Brands by 2020

You want to try different colors on your hair, but does fear of chemicals prevent you from trying? Are you looking for natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly hair dye products? Then, probably organic hair dyes will be the right option for you. Let’s find out more about the best organic hair dyes on the market.

What Does Organic Hair Dye Mean?

Organic hair dye refers to hair dye produced using natural plants and with less or negligible chemical content. Botanical components are also grown using natural methods, without pesticides or fertilizers.

Do You Have 100% Organic Hair Dye?

If any brand claims that hair dye is 100% organic, don’t believe them – because they are lying. No hair dye is 100% organic because it requires a certain amount of synthetic chemicals to be effective. These chemicals help activate the pH levels of your hair so that the hair absorbs the color properly and shows the best results.

People may claim that some henna hair dyes are 100% natural, but they may not be effective enough to cover white hair. Also, the metallic salts contained in it can damage your hair and cause it to become dry and brittle over time.

Does Organic Hair Dye Work?

We are aware that organic hair dyes contain a certain amount of synthetic chemicals to ensure effective results. Therefore, to make the right choice, we should note the level of organic ingredients, naturally derived ingredients, pigments and pH adjusters in the hair dye. However, make sure that organic hair dye does not contain ammonia, a harmful chemical compound used in hair dyes that are not produced naturally.

What about Hair Dye Without Ammonia?

Besides organic hair dyes, there are also brands of non-ammonia hair dye that users should not assume to be healthier. In fact, if users are unaware of other ingredients found in brands of hair dye that does not contain ammonia, they can do more damage to your hair than those containing ammonia.

Generally, ammonia-free hair dyes include four main ingredients Monoetanolamine (MEA), Ethanolamine, Cocamide MEA and Aminomethyl Propanol (AMP). These components increase the pH levels of your hair and help open the hair cuticles so that they absorb the color effectively. However, if pH levels are increased too much, the color of the hair may fade rapidly due to the cut cuticles, which can damage your hair.

Organic hair dyes are considered a good alternative to chemical-based hair dyes. It not only gives the best and long-lasting results for dyeing your hair, but it is also healthy to use. Below we listed the benefits of using organic hair dye for your hair.

Benefits of Organic Hair Color

  • They do not contain harmful chemicals that can damage your hair and scalp.
  • Naturally obtained ingredients in organic hair dyes make your hair healthy and shiny.
  • It absorbs color effectively and gives long-lasting results.

Now that you are aware of organic hair dyes and the benefits of using them, keep reading to learn about the best organic hair dye brands on the market.

Top 10 Organic Hair Dye

1. Herbatint Permanent Herbal Hair Care Dye

Herbatint Permanent Herbal Hair Care Dye

January 9, 2020 Price 

Proteins such as Herbatint Permanent Herbal Hair Care Dye, Aloe Vera, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam), Betula Alba (White Birch), Cinchona Calisaya, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), Echinacea Angustifolia, Juglans Regia (Walnut) and Rheum Palmatum (Rhubarb) Contains eight organic plant extracts. These extracts moisturize, nourish, strengthen and protect your hair and scalp. This hair dye makes your hair soft, shiny and beautiful.


  • Does not contain carcinogenic substances or toxins
  • Dyes your hair deeply and nourishes at the same time
  • Contains herbal extracts
  • Doesn’t damage hair
  • Covers all white hair


  • Some components may cause irritation

2. Tints of Nature Organic Hair Dye

Tints of Nature Organic Hair Dye

January 9, 2020 Price: 36.90 TL

The unique, patented formula of this hair dye gives you results similar to the results you can get in professional salons as well as nourishing your hair and covering all whites. It changes the balance of chemicals and allows the dye to penetrate your hair better.


  • Free of ammonia and harsh chemicals
  • It is obtained with suitable products under suitable conditions.
  • 100% closes white hair
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Longer lasting results
  • Easy to apply


  • It may not be easy to find

3. Phyto Organic Hair Dye

Phyto Organic Hair Dye

January 9, 2020 Price 

Phyto offers an organic way to dye your hair using herbal pigments. The fact that this product, whose color palette is quite wide, is located in almost every cosmetics shop, making it very popular and familiar.


  • It does not harm the hair
  • Auburn color looks very natural and successful
  • Successful in closing


  • The smell may be heavy
  • Contains oxidant

4. Logona Herbal Hair Dye

Lagona Herbal Hair Dye

January 9, 2020 Price 

Logona herbal hair dyes are a product that can manage to give your hair 100% coverage while also giving a sweet shine. It provides protection by wrapping the hair like a protective film instead of spoiling the natural structure of the hair like chemical dyes. BDIH certified brings the product one step further. Not to mention ammonia and chemical components.


  • BDIH certified
  • Gives beautiful shine to hair
  • EcoControl and Natrue Ecological Certified
  • Not tested on animals
  • Does not contain gluten carmine and lactose


  • Prices are a bit high
  • They may have problems with closing

5. Naturigin Permanent Hair Dye

Naturigin Organic Hair Dye

January 9, 2020 Price 

Naturigin is considered as the softest and organic hair dye. This product is soybean, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, Shea butter extract, aloe vera extract, etc. It is produced using certified organic components such as. Naturigin brand offers 19 permanent hair colors as well as hair coloring and conditioner.


  • Contains certified organic ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Does not contain ammonia and harsh chemicals
  • Easy to use
  • Safe


  • Not as effective as other brands

6. Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner

Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner

January 9, 2020 Price: 

This product is prepared using 100% pure herbal extracts. It performs both coloring and care functions of your hair. Since it does not contain ammonia and other harsh chemicals, it nourishes, volumizes and strengthens your hair. The three colorants used to present various shades in this product are henna, cassia and indigo. This product covers your whites completely.


  • Contains no chemicals
  • Made from 100% pure and herbal extracts
  • It is obtained with suitable products under suitable conditions.
  • Gives hair and adds volume


7. Naturtint Natural Hair Dye

Naturtint Natural Hair Dye

January 9, 2020 Price: 

This product has been produced using natural, plant-based ingredients and botanical extracts that nourish and protect your hair, make it vibrant and give it a long-lasting color. Naturtint is specially formulated for those who want to color their hair in a healthy way. This product is available in 29 mixable colors and offers a variety of colors to choose from.


  • Free from ammonia and paraben
  • It is obtained with suitable products under suitable conditions.
  • Contains plant-based and permanent colorants
  • Gives intense hair color and natural shine
  • Turns off all whites in one application
  • More lasting results


  • Hydrogen peroxide can cause an allergic reaction.

8. Madison Reed Root Touch Up

Madison Reed Root Touch Up

January 9, 2020 Price:  

This rather expensive product is a brushed powder made from natural ingredients such as argan oil, ginseng root extract, honey, mongongo oil, baobab oil, maracuja oil and keratin. It also contains micro-milled pigments that add depth and provide considerable coverage. The powder is brushed on hair that needs retouching.


  • Instantly covers whites and hair follicles
  • Contains ingredients that restore hair health and promote growth.
  • It is not affected by rain and sweat
  • Suitable for all hair shades and all hair types


  • It cannot be said to be very long lasting

9. Color & Soin Natural Hair Dye

Color & Soin Natural Hair Dye

January 9, 2020 Price: 

Color & Soin hair dyes, a French brand that does not contain resornisol, paraben and ammonia, are completely herbal products. If you want a long lasting vitality and shine in your hair, you can choose this dye.


  • Does not wear out hair
  • Made from herbal extracts
  • Free from ammonia and paraben
  • Doesn’t flow fast
  • Closes whites beautifully


10. Natural Colors Organic Kit Dye

Natural Colors Organic Kit Dye

January 9, 2020 Price:  

The fact that it does not contain ammonia and resornisol, its affordable price, and its organic content certification ensures that the Natural Colors brand is on our list. This skin-friendly hair dye is famous for effectively covering whites.


  • Certified organic
  • The smell is pleasant because the fruit is sappy
  • Strengthens hair and shows protective effect
  • Safe for allergic and sensitive skin
  • Free from ammonia and resornisol


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